The Tearaway Unfolded OST snuck its way on to iTunes last month, so I wrote a few words for the PlayStation blog (OP here):

“It was a real pleasure for us to revisit the world of Tearaway. Initially, we were a little nervous of living up to expectations [cough]Best Music BAFTA nomination[/cough], but once we got into the swing of things it was very much a case of picking up our collaboration from where we left off.

“Whilst we reworked and augmented some of the music to make it a better fit for the larger world in Unfolded, for the most part we were writing brand new material — there’s over an hour of new music in the game, which is actually kinda crazy, but it’s also a pretty good metric for understanding how different Tearaway Unfolded is on PlayStation 4 compared to Tearaway on PS Vita!

“The official soundtrack album for Tearaway Unfolded is a curated experience which represents the best of that music — almost two hours of infectious folk melodies, a unique blend and mashup of styles and instrumentation, all perfectly fitting for Media Molecule’s trademark eclecticism. Now that it’s available on iTunes and PlayStation Store, we hope that fans will continue to enjoy breaking the fourth wall by bringing a little more of Tearaway Unfolded into their worlds.”

-Kenneth Young & Brian D’Oliveira