The 15th annual Game Audio Network Guild awards have recently announced their nominations, and I’ve received a couple of nods for my work :)

Tethered, the indie VR game I made with Secret Sorcery last year, has been nominated for Best Interactive Score. It’s a genuine thrill to be in the same company as the amazing music experiences featured in the other nominated games. The interactive music I wrote with Mat Clark for LittleBigplanet won this very same category back in 2009, so I already have one of those sitting on my shelf, and I’m happy to let one of the other nominees take it home, honest ;)

And the article I wrote for the website Designing Sound about the use of sound in Tethered has been nominated for Best Game Audio Article, Publication or Broadcast, another category I’ve won a couple of times before, but always when writing about other people’s games! So, that’d be a nice one to pick up!

The G.A.N.G. awards take place in San Francisco at GDC on the evening of Thursday 2nd March.