I returned to the world of Astro Bot to score Astro’s Playroom for Sony Japan Studio, creating a suite of fun, catchy tunes (and songs!) to accompany the diminutive robot’s next-gen adventures. I was also entrusted with augmenting, upmixing and extending the iconic boot sounds and background music of PlayStation consoles past, and consulted with the team on final audio polish, paying particular attention to the presentation of the mix across the varied contexts of TV speakers, surround sound and 3D audio over headphones.

Astro’s Playroom comes pre-installed on every PlayStation 5 for the lifetime of the console, introducing millions of new players to Astro’s unique blend of infectious, VGM-infused pop. It was nominated for both the ‘Audio Achievement’ and ‘Family’ awards by BAFTA.

You can listen to the soundtrack, released by Sony Music Masterworks, here.