I was the audio lead on LittleBigPlanet 2 and responsible for:

  • Audio direction
  • Lead sound designer with Jeremy Mayne, Jonatan Crafoord and Nick Gratwick
  • Creative side of music licensing
  • Composer with Paul Thompson, Winifred Phillips, Richard Jacques, Baiyon, Keith Tenniswood and Daniel Pemberton
  • UGC audio tools design (Credit where it’s due – I worked closely with Alex Evans on the design of the music sequencer)
  • Voice production – I handled any work relating to voice casting, recording and localisation at Mm’s end

LBP2 was nominated for the Original Music Composition AIAS/DICE award, Best Audio GDC award and Best Licensed Music GANG award.

Here’s a trailer for LBP2’s music sequencer feature, with music written by me in said sequencer: