I was the audio designer on LittleBigPlanet and its numerous DLC packs, and responsible for:

  • Audio direction
  • Sound design (credit where it’s due – I hired Dominic Smart for 12.5 days to help out with the in-game/level sound)
  • Composer with Mat Clark and Daniel Pemberton
  • Creative side of music licensing
  • UGC audio tools and experience design
  • Implementation and pipeline design (with audio coder, Matt Willis)
  • Voice production – I handled any localisation work required at Mm’s end
  • Voice acting – I provided the voice of Sackboy and performed a lot of the gibberish in the game :)

LBP won the Best Interactive Score and Best Instrumental GANG Awards, and was nominated for six other GANG awards (more than any other title that year), the Original Score and Best Audio BAFTAs, the Sound Design and Licensed Soundtrack AIAS/DICE awards, the Best Audio GDC award and a bunch more. Phew!

There’s a bunch of LBP and LBP2 stuff in my show reel – please check it out :)