I was Head of Audio at Media Molecule when I worked on Tearaway for the PlayStation Vita. I was responsible for:

  • Audio direction
  • Lead sound designer with Ed Hargrave, Todd Baker and Matthew Florianz
  • Co-Composer with Brian D’Oliveira
  • Co-Voice script writer with Rex Crowle
  • Came up with the name for the project
  • Audio implementation, tools and pipeline design
  • Voice production – I handled any work relating to voice casting, recording and localisation at Mm’s end
  • Voice acting – I provided the voice of Iota, Atoi and the Scraps, and performed a lot of the male mummer gibberish in the game

Tearaway won the Best Handheld Audio GANG award and was nominated for an Original Score BAFTA and Best Audio GDC award.

Here’s an article about the sound in Tearaway, and here’s a short interview with me about the music: